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Driver Education Toolkit

This is a collection of studies and reports put together by NHTSA with the assistance from national driver education community of experts and practitioners. Taken together, this impressive assembly of information and guidelines should give the States their best chance to produce safe young drivers.

Driver Education Toolkit

While administering education standards and policies are a State's right, the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards serve to guide all novice teen driver education and training programs in States striving to provide quality, consistent driver education and training. with the following understandings: 

  • Driver education and training should be an integral
    part of the GDL system.
  • Driver development should be a lifelong learning process.
  • Driver education and training should be a phased education process.
  • Driver education and training standards should administer and provide quality and uniform driver education and training.
Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards

National Organization Supporting Resolutions

NHTSA State Assessment Program

NHTSA offers state-wide assessments of driver education programs based on the national driver education administrative standards. At a State's request, NHTSA will send a team of experts to analyze and make recommendations to improve the driver education program.

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century - GDL Grant Program

The Reauthorization for the Department of Transportation, MAP-21, includes a grant program for the states that certify certain provisions are contained in their GDL process. Among the provisions needed are nighttime, passenger and cell phone restrictions for novice drivers. Also included is a state-certified driver education program. A full list of provisions needed to be contained in the state GDL process can be found in the Interim Final Rule (see attachment or link) starting on page 63.

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