August 8, 2002




SB-1 - It is significant today, because beginning on Monday every vehicle, virtually every vehicle manufactured for sale in the United States and every child safety seat for children under 40 lbs will be required by regulation, to have a LATCH anchorage in the vehicle and a LATCH attachment on the child safety seat.


SB-2  - I would have loved to have had this device when I was a parent of small children. And I'm sure that's something that everybody here can relate to if you struggled with getting proper fit for your child safety seat using your belt system.


SB-3  - This does not mean that people need to go out and by a new safety seat or buy a new car.  But it does mean that we want everybody to be assured that your old child safety seat and your vehicle with a belt system is still capable of being properly restrained, which means that your children are as safe as they are in a properly restrained LATCH seat.


SB-4  - Even the most dedicated and knowledgeable parent has had difficulty with this.  Whether it's the failure to buckle the child snugly to the seat or to buckle the seat snugly into the vehicle seat, there are technological challenges and this technology really does eliminate those challenges.    


SB-5  - The key message is still the same, every time on every trip, whenever the wheels roll, your child and the child parents need to be safely buckled into a restraint system in the vehicle to allow the vehicle to do its job, to give those vehicle safety engineers the opportunity to save your life and mitigate injury. 


SB-6  - Even an average Dad can get this in by himself in about the same amount of time.