Dr. Runge Sound bites


Impaired Driving Press Event Wednesday, December 18, 2002


MCI Center




1a. The threat to our citizens is real. Impaired driving deaths on America's highways account for more than 17,000 deaths annually.


1b1. We are here today to launch the beginning of a yearlong effort in 2003 focused on what we know prevents impaired driving highly visible detection, arrest and prosecution.


1b2. From December 20 to January 5, thousands of law enforcement officers will pan out across this country to intercept, detect, arrest and prosecute impaired drivers.


1b3. This holiday and ever day, I would ask Americans please to celebrate, have a good time but do so responsibly. And don't take a chance, because if you take a chance you will likely be arrested and prosecuted for this offense. People, who would never in the world dream of going to jail, will go to jail if they make this poor choice.