Traffic Techs - 2001

Synopses and ordering information of various safety related publications

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Item Number



Number 262
Use And Lose Laws Evaluated In Two States
October 2001
Number 261
Decline In Youth Alcohol-Related Fatalities Attributed To Four Factors
October 2001
Number 260
Outstanding Warrants For Dwi Offenders A Problem Searching For Quantification And Resolution
October 2001
Number 259
Juvenile Holdover Program Implementation Guide Published
October 2001
Number 258
Alcohol Involvement In Fatal Crashes Comparisons Among Countries
October 2001
Number 257
Family And Friends Who Are Concerned About An Older Driver Need Resources
October 2001
Number 256
A Legislative History Of .08 Per Se Laws
September 2001
Number 255
Developing Best Practices Of Emergency Care For The Alcohol Impaired Patient
September 2001
Number 254
Demonstration Completed On Smart Cards To Reduce Underage Drinking And Driving
August 2001
Number 253
Premature Graduation Of Children To Seat Belts
August 2001
Number 252
Trend Analyses Of Traffic Law Enforcement
July 2001
Number 251
America Buckles Up, But Could Do Better
July 2001
Number 250
Albuquerque's Safe Streets Program Improves Traffic Safety, Reduces Crime, And Saves Money
May 2001
Number 249
1999 Safe Communities Demonstration Sites Report To Congress On Progress
May 2001
Number 248
Enhanced Sanctions For Higher Bacs A Summary Of States' Laws
May 2001
Number 247
Community How To Guides On Underage Drinking Prevention Developed
May 2001
Number 246
A Guide for Achieving a High Belts Use Rate Shows How One Community Increased Belt Use to 90 Percent
April 2001
Number 245
Seat Belt Use Surges in Maryland, Oklahoma, and the District of Columbia with Primary Enforcement
April 2001
Number 244
Evaluating Drivers Licensed with Medical Conditions in Utah, 1992-1996
April 2001
Number 243
Driver Inattention is a Major Factor in Serious Traffic Crashes
April 2001
Number 241
Field Test of On-Site Drug Detection Devices
February 2001
Number 240
Targeting Young Female Drivers with Impaired Driving Messages
January 2001
Number 239
Ethnicity and Alcohol-Related Fatalities, FARS Combined with NCHS Files for 1990-1994
January 2001
Number 238
Professionalism at the Traffic Stop: Strengthening the Citizen and Police Partnership
January 2001