Traffic Techs - 2000

Synopses and ordering information of various safety related publications

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Item Number



Number 237
Safe Rides Home an Evaluation of Aspen's Tipsy Taxi Program
December 2000
Number 236

National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

December 2000
Number 235
Training Physicians About Impaired Driving Issues
October 2000
Number 234
State Alcohol Cost Fact Sheets Document The Costs Of Impaired Driving For Each State
October 2000
Number 233
Age Of Drinking Onset And Involvement In Alcohol-Related Crashes And Other Unintentional Injuries
September 2000
Number 232
An Evaluation Of The .08 Per Se Law In Illinois Finds 13.7 Percent Fewer Fatal Crashes With Positive BACs
September 2000
Number 231
Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal Evaluated In Texas And Arkansas
September 2000
Number 230
Racial And Ethnic Differences In Drinking And Driving Attitudes And Behaviors
August 2000
Number 229
Zero Tolerance For Youth Four States' Experience With Zero Tolerance Laws
August 2000
Number 227
Five Steps To A Community Pedestrian Alcohol Program
July 2000
Number 226
Resource Guide Describes Best Practices For Aggressive Driving Enforcement
June 2000
Number 225
Marijuana & Alcohol Together Reduce Visual Search Frequency
May 2000
Number 224
1998 Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey Shows Consistent Gains Across America
May 2000
Number 223
A Review Of The Literature On The Effects Of Alcohol At Bacs Of .08 And Lower
May 2000
Number 222
Relative Risk Calculated For Driver Fatalities In Alcohol-Related Crashes
May 2000
Number 221
DWI Laws In Other Countries
May 2000
Number 220
Setting Limits, Saving Lives Booklet Updates The Case For .08 Bac Laws
April 2000
Number 219
Medical Conditions And Crash Risk: Do Restrictions On Licenses Have An Impact On Public Safety?
April 2000
Number 218
Evaluation Of Vehicle Impoundment On Suspended And Revoked Drivers In California
April 2000
Number 217
Repeat Dwi Offenders Are An Elusive Target
March 2000
Number 216
Legislation And Enforcement Associated With A 19 Percent Reduction In Alcohol-Related Fatal Crashes In New Mexico
March 2000
Number 215
Literature Reviewed On Vehicle Travel Speeds And Pedestrian Injuries
March 2000
Number 214
Effectiveness Of Administrative License Suspension And Vehicle Sanction Laws In Ohio
February 2000
Number 213
Youth Dui And Other Alcohol Offenses A Guide For Judges And Prosecutors
February 2000
Number 212
Maryland State Police Pilot Test An Electronic Station System To Document Crashes
January 2000
Number 211
Presidential Initiative For Making .08 Bac The National Legal Limit - A Progress Report
January 2000