Partnering with State Highway Safety Offices: Tips and Tactics for Success
Table of Contents

Checklist for Partnering with State Highway Safety Offices

Chapter 1 – Introduction
   Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in This Guide
   Highway Safety Terminology

Chapter 2 – What Are State Highway Safety Offices?
   History of the Federal Program
      National Highway Safety Priority Program Areas
   Responsibilities of the SHSO
      Tip #1 – Get to Know the SHSO
      Tip #2 – Contacting the SHSO

Chapter 3 – What Do State Highway Safety Offices Really Do?
   Federal Grant Administration
      Tip #3 – Federal Grants
   Planning Requirements
      Tip #4 – SHSO Planning Process
      Tip #5 – SHSO and Constituency Groups

Chapter 4 – What Can Your Organization Do to Partner with
the State Highway Safety Office?

   Educate Decision-Makers
      Tip #6 – Educating Decision-Makers
   Conduct Public Information & Education Campaigns
   Support Enforcement
   Conduct Prosecutorial Programs
   Conduct Judicial Programs
   Program Delivery

Chapter 5 – How Does the Grant Application System Work?
   Project Selection
      Tip #7 – Selecting Countermeasures
   Typical Criteria States Use In Selecting Projects
      Tip #8 – Improving Your Proposal
   Deadlines and Schedules
   Typical Planning Schedule
      Tip # 9 – Proposal Solicitation
      Tip #10 – Follow the Schedule

   Grant Applications
      Tip #11 – State Crash Test Data
      Tip #12 – State Forms and Requirements

   Grant Agreement
      Tip #13 – Financial Management
      Tip #14 – Problems

   Project Evaluation
      Tip #15 – Evaluation Assistance

Chapter 6 – The Pro’s and Con’s of Working with an SHSO
      Tip #16 – State Limitations
   Develop a Relationship
      Tip #17 – Mutual Concern

Chapter 7 – Closing Comment

Chapter 8 – Resources
   NHTSA Regional Offices
   State Highway Safety Offices