ACAS Program
Final Report -- May 10, 1998


Appendix A

Glossary of Acronyms


1D -- An Array with only 1 vertical element (linear array)

2D -- An array with 2 vertical elements (two dimensional array)

ACAS -- Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems Development

AED -- Automotive Electronics Development (A Delphi Delco Electronics Systems' Advanced Engineering Group located at Malibu, California)

CAP -- Collision Avoidance Processor

COTS -- Commercial Off-The-Shelf

CW -- Collision Warning

DAS -- Data Acquisition System

DC -- Direct Current

DE -- Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

Delphi-DE -- Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

DFMA -- Design For Manufacturing & Assembly

DVI -- Driver-Vehicle Interface

FCW -- Forward Collision Warning

FDDT -- Finite Difference Time Domain

FEM -- Finite Element Method

FLR -- Forward-looking Radar

FMCW -- Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave

FOV -- Field-of-View

GM -- General Motors Corporation

Gold Car -- Delco Cadillac Demonstration Vehicle

GUI -- Graphical User Interface

HBT -- Hetero-junction Biploar Transistor

HDD -- Head Down Display

HDS -- HRL Driving Simulator

HEM -- HE Microwave

HRL -- HRL Laboratories, LLC (used to be Hughes Research Laboratories)

HUD -- Head Up Display

I/O -- Input/Output

LO -- Local Oscillator

MB -- Megabytes

MMIC -- Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit

MMW -- Millimeter Wave

MPH -- Miles per hour

MTT -- Multiple Target Tracker

NHTSA -- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NODS -- Near Object Detection System

PC -- Personnel Computer

PCM -- Process Control Monitor

R&D -- Research and Development

RDS -- Rear Detection System

RF -- Radio Frequency

Rx -- Receiver

SDS -- Side Detection System

SGI -- Silicon Graphics, Incorporated

STI -- Systems Technology, Inc.

T/R -- Transmit / Receive

TTA -- Time To Avoidance

TTC -- Time To Collision

Tx -- Transmitter

UC-Davis -- University of California at Davis

VCO -- Voltage Controlled Oscillator

VSWR -- Voltage Standing Wave Ratio


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