Automotive Collision Avoidance System Field Operational Test Program



The objectives of Task B4 are to:

  1. Provide modified throttle control systems for the development and deployment vehicles.
  2. Provide interface requirements to other vehicle systems.
  3. Provide support to development and deployment groups.


The basic approach to accomplishing this task is to use the existing throttle control system on the Buick LeSabre. The throttle control in the Buick LeSabre is a stepper motor cruise control (SMCC) designed and built by Delphi. This SMCC has been used successfully in other projects and the modifications required are known.

Work Accomplished

Delphi-E has been contacted and will provide the necessary engineering support for the hardware and software modification that will be required. The interface is a serial 8192 link that is compatible with the Buick LeSabre. The modifications required are to modify the standard unit to accept input from the ACC system, and to report the driver's input without taking any action, with the exception of on/off and safety related functions.

Plans through December 2000

The plans for the next 6 months are to make the modifications to the Stepper Motor Cruise Control hardware and software in anticipation of installing and tuning it for the prototype vehicle, which will arrive at Malibu in February 2001.

Figure 7.1 Task B4 Schedule

Figure 7.1 Task B4 Schedule

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