Automotive Collision Avoidance System Field Operational Test Program



The objectives of this task are to:

  1. Provide an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Subsystem for the 2000 Buick LeSabre
  2. Determine the interface requirements to the other vehicle subsystems
  3. Provide support to development and deployment groups.


The approach is to utilize the ACC subsystem that is part of a future production program. The ACC subsystem is a complete control system that uses an integral radar to detect objects in front of the vehicle, and provide throttle and brake control to maintain a safe distance to the car ahead. The radar will also detect objects for the Forward Collision Warning system to be designed into the vehicle. Since the ACC will be used as received, the design work will focus on the interfaces between the ACC system and the rest of the vehicle.

Work Accomplished

Initial interface designs have been completed. It has been determined that the ACC subsystem will communicate to the DBC 7.2 brake subsystem over a Class 2 bus, and to the throttle stepper motor cruise control (SMCC) over an 8192 baud serial link. Preliminary tests using the ACC radar have provided knowledge about the instrumentation interface requirements for the radar.

Communicating to the ACC system by the other subsystems will be over a CAN interface using an instrumentation protocol. This interface must be established each time the radar is powered up. This will be accomplished by initializing the radar's instrumentation messages to send object data to the other subsystems after each radar scan.

Plans through December 2000

The plans for the next 6 months are to install an ACC-A radar on a test vehicle and evaluate the interface and performance of this radar.

Figure 12.1 Task C4 Schedule

Figure 12.1 Task C4 Schedule

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