Effectiveness Of The Ohio Vehicle Action And Administrative License Suspension Laws
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Special thanks to El Rasmussen, Vehicle Immobilization Coordinator at the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus Ohio for his contributions to this report. His experience, data collection efforts, insight, edits, sample forms and patience were all invaluable to the production of this report. The support of Bob Darnell of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Office of Governor’s Highway Safety Representative, was vital to the initiation of the study. Additional thanks to Angie Dickinson of El Rasmussen’s office, Ken Euman of the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk’s office, Jim Ridinger of the Maryhaven MESA program, Denise Friend Foster and Don Cort of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and David Cooke of the Public Information Office at the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Special thanks to Sergeant Ron Flender and Louise Zippin of the Cincinnati Police Department , Captain Don Rabold of the Hamilton County Sheriffs Department, and Pat Gentil of the Hamilton County Courts.