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Selection Criteria

Subjects in both sites met the following criteria:

  • convicted of a "standard" first-time alcohol-impaired driving offense

  • 21 years of age or older

  • in-state residence within a 50-mile radius of Milwaukee or Bergen County

In addition, the dates of the license suspension periods for the subjects needed to be such that the subjects could be observed near the end of the suspension period and if their license was reinstated, again shortly after the end of the suspension. In Wisconsin, this consideration had the

effect of excluding most persons who refused the BAC test, as Wisconsin imposes a one-year license revocation for a test refusal. Persons with current convictions deriving from very old violation dates (for example, 1983) also were excluded.

In addition, a few subjects were excluded because observations could not be conducted. This included, for example, persons who became incarcerated or who moved out-of-state. Subjects residing in large apartment complexes were excluded because the investigator would have been unable to determine whether a person exiting or entering a building with several apartments was the subject. Finally, as noted above, it was necessary to exclude Milwaukee offenders who obtained an occupational license.