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The observational study provided independent and bjective evidence about whether persons continued to drive after losing their license as a result of drinking and driving. However, the observational study could not provide information on the motivations for driving or not driving while suspended. Nor could it explain the dramatic differences between the observed driving patterns of offenders at the two sites.

To complement the observational study and to help explain its results, focus group research gathered qualitative information on the knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes of persons who had recently experienced a license suspension as a result of their first alcohol-impaired driving offense. Six focus group discussions - three in Milwaukee and three in Bergen County - were conducted in the summer of 2001.

The topics included the following:

· transportation patterns before, during, and after the DWI/OWI suspension
· attitudes toward the license suspension, relative to other penalties
· motivations for driving or not driving while suspended and related issues, such as knowledge of the penalties for driving while suspended, perceived likelihood of detection, and availability of alternative transportation
· for offenders who reported driving while suspended, whether they modified their driving in an effort to avoid detection
· whether the suspension imposed any hardship on the offenders or their families
· whether participants had their license reinstated after their suspension, and motivations for reinstating or not reinstating the license