National Survey of Distracted and Drowsy Driving
Attitudes and Behaviors:  2002


Submitted to:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

400 7th Street, SW

Room 5119

Washington, D.C. 20590

Final Report April 2003

 Submitted by:
Dawn Royal, Senior Managing Consultant
The Gallup Organization
901 F Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20004



Technical Report Documentation Page                                                                                 


Executive Summary                                                                                     





Section I:  2002 Survey Administration Findings                                       

Chapter 1:  General Driving Characteristics and Road Use                                

Chapter 2:  Distracted Driving Behaviors                                                              

Chapter 3:  Perception of Impacts of Distracted Driving                                     

Chapter 4:  Drowsy Driving                                                                                  


Appendix A:                                                                                                   

NHTSA Regions


Appendix B:                                                                                                   

Supplemental Charts

List of Figures                                                                                                                           

1.      General Driver Characteristics

2.      Roadway Use

3.      Ownership of Devices That May Distract Drivers

4.     Frequency of Behaviors Involving Potentially Distracting Technology21

5.     Frequency of Behaviors Not Involving Potentially Distracting Technology

6.     Estimated Weekly Trips Made While Engaged in Potentially Distracting Behavior

7.     In-Car Wireless Phone Use

8.    Crash Related to Distracted Driving

9.    Perception of Actions That Distract Drivers Technology-Based

10.  Perception of Actions That Distract Drivers Non-Technology-Based

11.  Perceived Threat of Distracted Driving

12.  Views on Initiatives to Curtail Car Phone Use

13.  Experience With Drowsy Driving

14.  Characteristics of Most Recent Drowsy Driving Trip

15.  Characteristics of Most Recent Drowsy Driving Trip (continued)

16.  Preventative Measures

17.  Outcome of Drowsy Driving

18.  Perceived Threat of Driving While Drowsy


Appendix B:

19.     Frequency and Mean Number of Potentially Distracted Driving Behaviors Not Involving Technology

20.     Frequency and Mean Number of Potentially Distracted Driving Behaviors Involving Technology

21.     Perceived Threat of Driving Behaviors