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DOT HS 810 581

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Rehabilitation Costs and Long-Term Consequences of
Motor Vehicle Injuries

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March 2006

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Ted Miller, Elizabeth Langston, Bruce Lawrence, Les Becker, Cecelia Snowden, Carl Granger, Carol Russell, Jeffrey Kreutzer, and Jennifer Marwitz

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Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
11710 Beltsville Drive
Calverton , MD 20705
Phone: 301-755-2700 Fax: 301-755-2799

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
400 Seventh Street, SW.
Washington , DC 20590

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Draft Final, Task Order period:
June 26, 2001 Dec. 31, 2003

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In 2000, we estimate that $127.5 million was spent for inpatient rehabilitation of injuries in motor vehicle crashes excluding motorcycles, and an estimated $16.3 million was spent on motorcycle crashes, reported in 2002 dollars. Public funds paid for 26 percent of the other motor vehicle costs and 19.5 percent of motorcycle costs. According to estimates generated with the costing methods in Miller, Romano and Spicer (2000), inpatient rehabilitation accounted for an estimated 3 percent of inpatient care costs for motor vehicle injuries and 4 percent of the of the inpatient care costs for motorcycle injuries. The methods used provide a model that can readily be applied to available data to update the national cost estimate in the future.

Motor vehicle and motorcycle injuries generate other costs related to lost functional capacity and the resulting impacts on social and role functions. Although this study did not estimate those costs, it showed the losses for some injuries can be quite significant. For comparison, this study also provides data on rehabilitation costs, hospital length of stay and cost-related outcomes such as employment and living status for other injury causes such as assault and attempted suicide.

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motorcycle, motor vehicle, injury, rehabilitation, cost, medical, length of stay

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