Medical Conditions and Driving: A Review of the Literature (1960  2000)
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Section1: Introduction
Section 2: Vision
Section 3: Hearing
Section 4: Cardiovascular
Section 5: Cerebrovascular
Section 6: Peripheral Vascular
Section 7: Nervous System
Section 8: Respiratory
Section 9: Metabolic
Section 10: Renal
Section 11: Musculoskeletal
Section 12: Psychiatric
Section 13: Drugs
Section 14: Aging Driver
Section 15: Anesthesia and Surgery
Appendix A
List of Tables
List of Figures
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List of Figures

Figure 1  Estimated Prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease by Age and Sex in the United States, 1988-1994

Figure 2  Prevalence of CHF by Age, National Health, &Nutritional Examination Survey, 1988-199

Figure 3  Leading Causes of Disability Among Persons Ages 15 years and Older, United States, 1991-1992