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Rank 29: Scope of DMV Staff Training – License Examiners to Conduct Specialized Road Tests (Component CE)

This component did not generate any controversial discussion. One attendee said whenever the DMV requires testing for medical reasons, a separate group of examiners (the more experienced ones) is assigned to conduct the road test. Another attendee said the DMV has specially trained examiners who are used for conducting home area road tests for mild dementia customers.

Rank 32: Case Assignment by Non-Medical Administrative Staff (Component BC)

Meeting attendees said either their license examiners (who see the customers) or the administrative staff in the medical review department (who see the initial letter of concern) could make the determination whether a customer needs to have a medical report issued or can demonstrate safe driving ability by being road tested. The components that made up this area did not generate much discussion at the meeting, with the exception of the comment that it really is an injustice to cancel a license and then require a customer to pay for an ID card. In the cases of cancellation or voluntary surrender, attendees said the ID card should be free. In addition, if a license is cancelled or surrendered before the expiration date, a refund should be given.

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