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The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) provided assistance in the identification of the most appropriate licensing agency officials to receive surveys and follow-up contacts, with additional input from the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative in each jurisdiction, as follows. AAMVA mailed a letter to its primary driver license contact in each of the 51 jurisdictions that explained the project objectives, and provided advanced notice that their assistance would be requested in the upcoming months. A request was made in the letter to contact AAMVA to provide the name of the person in the motor vehicle agency with the most knowledge regarding the day-to-day activities surrounding drivers with medical conditions and functional impairments, if the position of the addressee was too far removed from such activities.

In addition, project staff mailed letters to each of the 51 offices of the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative, advising them of the project objectives and requesting that they also provide contact information for the most appropriate contact in their State’s licensing agency for assistance in completing the survey. AAMVA reviewed new contact information and maintained and updated the list of contacts for the project.

Appendix A lists the survey and telephone interview respondents identified through this process.

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