Banner-Evaluation of Minnesota's High-BAC Law


The authors are grateful to Ms. Kathryn Swanson, Director of the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, and Ms. Katherine Burke Moore, Deputy Director, for their support of this study. The conduct of the study of Minnesota’s high-BAC law was entirely dependent on our ability to obtain data on case dispositions. We especially appreciate the efforts of Mr. Alan Rodgers, Office of Traffic Safety, in developing an appropriate data request, working to obtain the data from the Department of Public Safety, documenting the data file, and sharing his knowledge of the DWI system, the driver license records, and the administrative sanctioning process. We also appreciate the work of the programmers in the Department of Public Safety who generated the special data file for this study.

We would like to recognize all the interviewees for lending their time and considerable expertise to the study. Particular thanks go to Professor Stephen M. Simon, University of Minnesota Law School and Chair of the Statewide DWI Task Force, and to James Cleary, Legislative Analyst and Research Methodologist, House Research Department, who recommended persons to be interviewed and provided important insights into the high-BAC law and the system of DWI laws and practices.