The authors are most grateful for the assistance and cooperation received from the Austin Police Department. The Department welcomed this evaluation study and provided much information pertaining to the operation of the anti-DWI enforcement program. In particular, we would like to thank the following individuals who met with us over the course of the study: Commander Juan Gonzalez, Commander Harold Piatt, Lt. George Vanderhule, Lt. Brian Man-ley, Lt. Calvin Smith, Sgt. Beth Young, Detective Mike Cowden, Officer Mark Hoffman, Eddie Hopkins, Kathryn Mahoney, and officers from the DWI team. We extend a special thanks to Sharon Bauer with Research and Planning at the Austin Police Department for her assistance in obtaining pertinent data and setting up meetings. We thank those who reviewed this study and offered valuable comments.

The findings, conclusions and recommendations presented in this report are those of the authors who are responsible for any errors of fact and/or interpretations.