Spanish Language Interviews

Spanish language versions of the two survey instruments were developed in order to eliminate language barriers for a small proportion of the U.S. adult population. The questionnaires were translated into Spanish by a professional translation firm. The Spanish questionnaires were then back-translated to English by a different translator and checked for comparability. Any translations that were not comparable were revised to be accurate and precise to the original intent of the English questionnaire.

If the interviewer encountered a language barrier at the telephone number, either with the person answering the phone or with the designated respondent, the interviewer thanked the person and terminated the call. If the case was designated as Spanish language, it was turned over to the next available Spanish-speaking interviewer.

All households in which a language barrier (Spanish) was encountered were assigned to a Spanish-speaking interviewer. These bilingual interviewers re-contacted the Spanish-speaking households to screen for eligibility and conduct interviews with eligible respondents.

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