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This publication is designed to provide practical information to assist law enforcement agencies in implementing a motorcycle patrol unit. In preparing the publication, various law enforcement agencies, representing a variety of jurisdictions from around the country, were consulted. For the purposes of this Guide, emphasis was placed on those agencies that have recently mobilized a motorcycle unit. Many of which cited increased traffic congestion, outdated roadways for current traffic patterns, and expanded opportunities for officer advancement as reasons for implementing such a unit. Agencies with established motorcycle units expressed the same reasons for continuing their units, finding them to be an invaluable part of their overall traffic enforcement mission. Major police motorcycle manufacturers were also polled to ascertain the number of agencies that have recently implemented motorcycle patrol units. Many manufacturers reported increased sales from agencies purchasing motorcycles. 

The information presented in this Guide is based on the policies, practices, and experiences of officials involved in operating and implementing motorcycle patrol units. The Guide offers insight into the implementation and maintenance of an effective motorcycle patrol unit.

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