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Washington, DC

Program Administration/Rider Education

No State-Legislated Rider Education Program in Washington, DC

Licensing Requirements

  • $10 Issuance fee, $10 renewal fee
  • Successful completion of
    eye exam
  • Successful completion of knowledge exam
  • Valid for 60 days


  • $20 license/endorsement fee
  • Rider must be 16 with or without successful completion of rider education program.
  • License must be renewed every
    4 years.

Operator Licensing (1999 Data)
Testing and Training Responsibilities

  • Testing agency: Motor Vehicle Services
  • Third-party testing: Yes
  • Agency responsible for training examiners: N/A

Knowledge and Skills Tests Used

  • Knowledge test used: Local
  • Primary skills test used: Alternate MOST
  • Secondary skills test used: Local off-street


  • Rider education waiver: None
  • Reciprocity for rider education completed in another State: N/A
  • Reciprocal license waiver: Yes

Operator and Vehicle Characteristics

  • Motorcycle operators licensed: 16,500
  • Registered motorcycles: 3,420
  • New motorcycle licenses/endorsements issued in 2001: N/A
  • Operators licensed through rider education in 2001: N/A
  • Operators licensing without rider education: N/A
  • Operators without license or proper endorsement: N/A

Motorcyclist Licensing System

  • Graduated licensing: None
  • Tiered licensing: None

Public Information and Education

  • Operator’s manual used: Local
  • Annual budget for public information and education: None