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 Evaluation of the Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Kentucky and Louisiana

 October 2003


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R.G. Ulmer and D.F. Preusser


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Preusser Research Group, Inc.
7100 Main Street
Trumbull, CT 06611

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Office of Research and Traffic Records
400 7th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC   20590

   Final Report


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Dr. Linda Cosgrove served as the NHTSA Contracting Officer's Technical Representative for the study. We appreciate the guidance and support she provided.

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    The 1998 universal motorcycle helmet law repeal in Kentucky and the 1999 repeal in Louisiana produced similar effects. Observed helmet use dropped from nearly full compliance under the laws to the 50 percent range without the laws. Motorcyclist fatalities increased in the near term by sizeable amounts-by over 50 percent in Kentucky and by 100 percent in Louisiana. Injuries also increased substantially in both states. At the same time, the number of registered motorcycles increased (by 20%), and vehicle miles traveled increased by approximately 6% (based on national numbers). Thus, some of the increase in fatalities in Kentucky and Louisiana were probably due to increased exposure.

In Kentucky, motorcyclists killed per 10,000 registered motorcycles averaged 6.4 in the two years just before the helmet law repeal and averaged 8.8 in the two years following its repeal, an increase of +37.5 percent. Persons injured per 10,000 registered motorcycles averaged 187 in the preceding two years and averaged 219 in the two years following its repeal, an increase of +17 percent. In Louisiana, the fatality rate averaged 4.5 in the two years prior to helmet law repeal and rose to 7.9 in the year following, an increase of +75 percent. The injury rate averaged 126 persons in the two years before the helmet law repeal and increased to 152 persons in the year following repeal of the universal motorcycle helmet law, an increase of +20.6 percent. For comparison purposes, the national fatality rate per 10,000 registered motorcycles increased 18% and injuries declined by 2.9%.

The experience in Kentucky and Louisiana is similar to the experience in Arkansas and Texas, two other states that repealed universal laws in recently (1997). This leaves little doubt that such repeals have demonstrable negative safety consequences.

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Motorcycle helmet laws.

Helmet use.

Motorcycle fatalities and injuries.

This report is available from the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia 22161,

(703) 605-6000, and free of charge from the NHTSA website at www.nhtsa.dot.gov

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