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What is the Mission of Motorcycle Safety Programs?

Through education, enforcement, outreach, and legislation, NHTSA's motorcycle safety initiatives focus on comprehensive programs that prevent crashes, prevent injury when a crash occurs, and reduce the seriousness of injury after a crash. NHTSA's initiatives foster promoting motorcycle rider education and licensing; reducing the number of impaired motorcyclists; increasing motorist awareness of motorcycles; and increasing helmet use.

What's New at Motorcycle Safety?

NHTSA is continuously working on new events, programs and materials. Keep checking this motorcycle safety Web site for the release of new information. We will try to post new material as it becomes available.

Evaluation of the Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Kentucky and Louisiana HS 809 530 (posted 10/28/03)
This evaluation looked at changes in helmet usage, fatalities, and traumatic brain injuries after these states repealed their mandatory motorcycle helmet laws in 1998 and 1999. Helmet use dropped from near 100 percent compliance in both states to the 50 percent range after repeal of the universal helmet laws. Injuries, fatalities, and fatality rates increased substantially in both states at far greater rates than the national average. Traffic Tech Summary

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month May 2004
Each year, May is designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. States and motorcycle organizations across the country conduct a variety of activities to promote the importance of motorist awareness and sharing the road with motorcyclists.