What's Your PSI
A Tire Safety Quiz for Motorcyclists


1. Where can you find the correct PSI level (pounds per square inch of air pressure) for your tires?
A In my motorcycle owner’s manual
B In any popular motorcycling magazine
C Printed on the sides of the tires themselves
D All of the above

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2. How often should you check the pressure and tread condition of your tires?
A When I take my bike out of storage for the year C Every time I take my bike out on the road, or at least once a week
B Every 2-3 months D Before a big rally
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3. When should you replace your bike’s tires?
A Whenever the tread shows signs of cracking, punctures, blisters, knots, cuts, or irregular wear C When the rubber dries out and gets stiff
B When you can see the built-in wear bars D All of the above
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4. What should you remember when buying replacement tires?
A Don't mix makes and models of tires C Front and rear motorcycle tires are not interchangeable
B Size doesn't matter D All of the above
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5. Which of the following is a bad idea?
A Riding on underinflated tires C Attempting to permanently patch a tire
B Overloading your bike D All of the above
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