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Comprehensive Procedures for Obtaining and Renewing a License

The promising-practices States have taken several steps to improve the efficiency of obtaining and renewing a motorcycle endorsement while still emphasizing safety and proper training. In Idaho and Oregon, rider education is mandatory for people under 21 seeking a license. Delaware and Maryland also require rider training, though for operators under 18. Moreover, with the exception of Idaho, all the promising-practices States offer skills and knowledge test waivers for riders who successfully complete a rider training course. Maryland has recently streamlined its system for licensing course graduates, introducing a one-stop shop where riders will receive their endorsement at the training site. Idaho currently offers a skills test waiver for riders who complete rider training, and Idaho STAR is working with the State legislature to add a knowledge test waiver. Though Nevada waives the skills and knowledge tests for rider course graduates, the State does not require that riders under a certain age successfully complete training before obtaining a license.

Most promising-practices States have introduced classes targeted at riders with experience but without endorsements. The Intermediate Rider Training course in Oregon and the Experienced Rider Course Suite in Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada are designed to encourage operators to ride legally. These classes make it easy for experienced riders to obtain a proper license endorsement over the course of a weekend class.


  • Rider education is mandatory for young riders in Delaware, Idaho, Maryland, and Oregon.

  • With the exception of Idaho, the promising-practices States offer experienced rider training courses aimed at operators who ride illegally but want to obtain a license endorsement.

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