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Comprehensive Testing

All five rider education programs in the promising-practices States maintain a close working relationship with the licensing agency in their respective States, which helps promote comprehensive testing of motorcyclists. As detailed earlier in this report (“Integration Between Rider Education and Licensing”), all the programs advise and train the licensing examiners in their States. A Team Oregon administrator explained how the rider education and licensing offices collaborate to implement rigorous testing standards:

“The licensing agency and my office are both part of the Oregon DOT.
They’re just different divisions. We help the licensing program with
training their licensing examiners, and we help them with their MOM. It’s
generally been an MSF blueprint, but then we go in and redefine some of
the State specific things. We work with OSU [Oregon State University] and
ODOT and DMV to make sure that we show DMV that our program has a
huge set of checks and balances and monitoring and standards and policies
and everything so that if they receive a completion card from our student,
they know that they have actually met a better standard than their own
testing program.”

As noted by the Team Oregon administrator, the standards for passing a Team Oregon class are higher than the testing standards maintained for motorcyclists by the licensing agency.


  • Rider education and licensing programs work together to establish comprehensive testing.

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