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Motorcycle Rider Education and Licensing: A Review of Programs and Practices was written by a team of research analysts from the American Institutes for Research. At the American Institutes for Research, overall direction was provided by Stéphane Baldi, project director. Design and layout of the report was executed by Heather Block.

The authors wish to thank all those who contributed to the production of this report. Steve Garets, director of Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program, and Karen Kadar, formerly project director of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center, served as expert consultants to the project and provided valuable input at critical stages of its development. In addition, Ronald E. Shepard, Chairman of the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators, facilitated communication between the AIR team and State motorcycle safety administrators throughout the country and provided useful clarifications on data issues.

Finally, the report could not have been possible without the assistance received from the motorcycle program administrators and licensing officials who took the time to answer many requests for information and follow-up questions about rider education and licensing practices in their States.