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MSF Foreword Letter*
NHTSA Foreword Letter*
About the Organization of this Document
A Brief History of Motorcycling

Research & Information

The Need For Research
Research in Motorcycle Crashes
Conveying Research Information to Users

Human Factors

Motorcyclist Attitudes
Rider Education & Training
Crash Avoidance Skills
Motorcyclist Alcohol & Other Impairment
Personal Protective Equipment

Social Factors

Motorist Awareness
Insurance Industry Involvement
Enforcement & Adjudication
Traffic Safety Community Attitude

Motorcycle Factors

Introduction to Motorcycles
Motorcycle Design
Vehicle Modifications
Lane Use

Environmental Factors

Roadway Characteristics
Other Vehicle Design
First Response
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Summary of Recommendations

Members of the Technical Working Group

National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety Appendices
Appendix A
Factors That Have Changed Since the Hurt Report

Appendix B
In-Depth Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes

Appendix C
Objectives of the Common Methodology

Appendix D
Scope of Services Typically Provided for in Legislation Authorizing Motorcycle Safety Programs

Appendix E
State Motorcycle Safety Program Assessments

Appendix F
Examples of Rider Education & Training Curricula

Appendix G
State Operator Licensing Requirements

Appendix H
Elements of a Typical Graduated License System for Motorcyclists

Appendix I
State Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Appendix J
State Insurance Requirements

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