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Traffic Safety Community Attitude


Highway safety organizations throughout the United States, public and private, place less emphasis on motorcycle safety when compared with other modes of transportation.

Little attention is paid at any level to the impact overall traffic safety has on motorcycle safety.

• The emphasis on motorcycle safety is placed on helmet usage and laws.

• Funding for other motorcycle safety issues is very limited.

• Highway safety publications and public education campaigns rarely focus on motorcycle safety issues.


Greater emphasis on motorcycle safety by United States highway safety organizations can advance motorcycle safety efforts in a number of key ways:

• Funding for motorcycle safety programs should be increased.

• Motorcycle safety programs should be more widely publicized and promoted.


To give motorcycle safety efforts a new legitimacy and urgency, key leaders in the traffic safety community must be well informed about pertinent issues to help those involved in promoting motorcycle safety receive greater support.

Key leaders in the traffic safety community and the motorcycle community can champion motorcycle safety efforts by working with the appropriate highway safety decision-makers. These efforts should lead to a comprehensive application to promote motorcycle safety that can be applied nationwide.

Develop cooperative arrangements between motorcycle safety advocates and the media to increase publicity surrounding the issue of motorcycle safety and increase public awareness of drivers’ responsibility to detect and avoid motorcycles (see Motorist Awareness, page 31).


• Traffic safety organizations outside of the motorcycling community can better influence motorcycle safety issues by becoming more educated about motorcycle safety issues and adopt them where applicable.

• Increase funding for motorcycle safety programs by elevating their importance to state highway safety offices.

• Representatives of the motorcycle safety community should be integrated into the larger highway safety community to improve cooperative efforts.

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