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The Need For Research

Research in Motorcycle Crashes

Conveying Research Information to Users


In addition to acquiring information about motorcycle crashes and safety, there is a need to disseminate information to those who need it most: motorcyclists and those who influence motorcycle safety.

There is often misinformation passed around among motorcyclists as myths, old wives’ tales and anecdotes. There are few methods of countering this or conveying factual information or new findings.

• A commonly used method of conveying information is the MSF Riding Tips booklet included with new motorcycles.

• A few motorcycle enthusiast magazines offer editorial material addressing safety-oriented subjects, but their readers are a minority of the motorcycling population.

• MSF and related rider training organizations reach only participating riders (see Rider Education & Training, page 17).

• Some rider organizations hold seminars and training sessions for members, but these are not widely attended.

• Motorcycle safety information is widely dispersed on the Internet.


• We want to find methods of conveying motorcycling safety information more widely and rapidly.

• We would like more motorcyclists to avail themselves of seminars and other sources of information about motorcycle safety.


• Urge established motorcycle information sources—such as enthusiast magazines, Internet sites and cable-TV programs—to routinely include safety information.

• Encourage the general media to provide motorcycle safety information to motorcyclists and motorcyclist awareness tips to other motorists.

• Create new avenues of conveying this information.

• Create a specific awareness goals: what every motorcyclist should know.

• Create standard public service announcements (PSAs) style guide information series for use by motorcycle clubs, groups, and rallies.

• Support current sources of safety information.

• Create a motorcycle safety information Internet site to provide quick, easy access to research and other relevant information for all motorcyclists. It would include relevant findings from studies determined to be credible by academic peer review, and present practical advice for motorcyclists and information for the general media.

• Provide practical information to the general media to be used for motorcycling safety features and motorcycle awareness pieces.

• Encourage the motorcycle enthusiast media to give greater attention to safety issues, especially practical information.


• Create a clearinghouse to distribute current, practical information about motorcycle safety based on recent research.

• Develop research-based safety information that can be used easily by the consumer media and in rider education and training systems.

• Explore public service announcements, advertising in enthusiast and near-enthusiast media, and any other viable avenues for distributing safety information.

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