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Appendix A: Factors That Have Changed Since the Hurt Report Table of Contentshomenhtsa

  Appendix A
Factors That Have Changed Since the Hurt Report

Appendix B
In-Depth Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes

Appendix C
Objectives of the Common Methodology

Appendix D
Scope of Services Typically Provided for in Legislation Authorizing Motorcycle Safety Programs

Appendix E
State Motorcycle Safety Program Assessments

Appendix F
Examples of Rider Education & Training Curricula

Appendix G
State Operator Licensing Requirements

Appendix H
Elements of a Typical Graduated License System for Motorcyclists

Appendix I
State Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Appendix J
State Insurance Requirements

Since the data for the Hurt Report were collected, many components of the motorcycling and traffic environment have changed. The following is a partial listing.

I. Motorcycle engineering changes
A. Frame design and construction
B. New types of motorcycle (e.g., sportbikes) sold as original equipment
C. Suspension design
1. Front fork strength, stiffness, and geometry
2. Rear suspension change from two to one shock systems
D. Fuel tank design
E. Handlebar design and construction
F. Engine performance increases
G. Tire and wheel improvements
H. Brake efficiency improvements
1. Disc brakes more common
2. Interconnection of front and rear brake systems
3. Antilock braking system (ABS)
4. Hydraulic brakes
5. Linked brakes
I. Emissions systems introduced
J. Lighting changes
1. Daytime running lamps (DRL) since 1973
2. Integrated front parking lights
3. Higher performance headlamps
II. User population changes
A. Fewer total riders, higher percentage licensed
B. Maturing of motorcycle riding population
C. More females riding motorcycles
D. More widely available training
E. Changes in helmet use
F. Use of fake helmets in helmet law states
G. Fewer motorcycles registered
H. Changes in available protective apparel
I. Changes in use of protective apparel
J. Riders have information from Hurt Report available
III. Automobile engineering changes
A. Daytime running lamps (DRL)
B. Improved bumpers
C. More aerodynamic exteriors
E. Changing vehicle types, e.g., sport utility vehicles (SUV)
IV. Roadway Environmental changes
A. Roadside sound barriers
B. Animal diversion barriers
C. Rumble strips

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