Resource Guide on Laws Related to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

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Now available for download, NHTSA resource guide on laws related to pedestrian and bicycle safety. This resource guide contains a compilation of vehicle and traffic laws that were judged by the guide's developers to have the potential to affect pedestrian or bicycle safety, either positively or negatively. It is designed for easy use by anyone interested in vehicle and traffic law and pedestrian or bicycle safety. This might include state and local bicycle and pedestrian professionals, legislative service bureaus, and others who work with bicycle and pedestrian laws. It can be used to select laws that enhance pedestrian or bicycle safety, to assess a state's position with respect to other states or the state of the art, or to examine the extent to which prevailing vehicle and
traffic laws may impact the generation of pedestrian or bicycle crashes. For more detailed description of the guide see the traffic tech [click here]

Download Guide

The Resource Guide is available on CD-ROM by contacting NHTSA:

Requirements: Pentium processor and a standard Windows browser (e.g. Explorer, Netscape).

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