National Strategies For Advancing Bicycle Safety

A Call to Action

This document is a call to action for the National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety. It includes goals, strategies, and short- and long-term actions that can be taken to reduce injury and mortality associated with bicycle-related incidents. It is national in scope, but local in application. The National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety was developed by a diverse group of bicycle advocates, injury prevention specialists, and government representatives working together at a conference in July 2000. Although it reflects the thoughts of that group, it is not meant to be a government plan of action.

The National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety is the first step in beginning the process of changing the cycling environment in significant ways by addressing five key goals:

Under each goal is a series of strategies and initial action steps. These are designed to be a road map for policy makers, safety specialists, educators, and the bicycling community to follow as they undertake national, state, and local efforts to increase safe bicycling. Some of these strategies go well beyond anything attempted in the past to promote a safer cycling environment.

This document will only become a reality if significant resources are focused on implementation. The needed resources include not only adequate funding, but the time, energy, and dedication of a host of individuals and organizations. We hope that you, the reader, will see opportunities for action by you or your organization to help make these national strategies a reality.

The National Bicycle Safety Network (NBSN) -- a public-private coalition of federal and state agencies, professional and non-profit safety groups, and bicycling advocacy organizations dedicated to improving bicycle safety and increasing bicycle use -- has volunteered to facilitate implementation activities for selected portions of the National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety. You, or your organization, can participate by taking the lead on implementing one of the strategies, helping with funding or other resources, or joining our efforts toward achieving these critical public safety goals. If you would like to learn more about the progress of the National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety or volunteer your time, please contact us through the NBSN web site at