Bicycle Helmet Use Laws:
Lessons Learned From Selected Sites

Austin, Texas Jacksonville and Duval County, Florida State of Maryland
State of Oregon Port Angeles, Washington Seymour, Connecticut

I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction and Objectives

III. Method of Approach

IV. Chart Summarizing Jurisdictions Profiled

V. Analysis

VI. Analysis Conclusion

VII. Profiles

A. Austin, Texas

B. Jacksonville/Duval County, Florida

C. Maryland

D. Oregon

E. Port Angeles, Washington

F. Seymour, Connecticut

VIII. Legislative Language

A. Austin, Texas

1. Original ordinance
2. Modified ordinance

B. State of Florida

C. State of Maryland and Maryland Counties

1. House bill 974 as introduced
2. House bill 974 as adopted
3. Allegany County ordinance
4. Howard County ordinances
5. Montgomery County ordinance

D. State of Oregon

1. Legislation, final version (SB 1088 engrossed)

E. Port Angeles, Washington

1. Ordinance

F. Seymour, Connecticut

1. Ordinance (repealed)
2. State Of Connecticut Legislation, Adopted 1993
3. Amended 1997

IX. Appendices

A. Helmet Use Laws for Bicycle Riders (Source: Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute) (HTML)

B. Request for Information (HTML)

C. Matrix Used for Information Collection (HTML)

D. National SAFE KIDS Campaign Model Mandatory Helmet Legislation for Bicycle, In-Line Skating, Roller Skating and Skateboarding (HTML)

E. Oregon Bicycle Helmet Campaign Community Planning Guide (PDF)

F. Bicycle Helmet Sale Order Form, Duval County, Florida (PDF)

G. Bicycle Helmet Sale Procedure Guidelines, Duval County, Florida (HTML)

H. Observation guidelines for the Duval County Bicycle Helmet Use and Behavioral Survey (HTML)

I. Coding Instructions And Form For Bicycle Helmet Use Observational Study, Duval County, Florida (HTML)

J. Dental Visit/Bicycle Helmet Use Program Evaluation and “My Bike Safety Contract,” Duval County, Florida (PDF)

K. Bicycle Safety Helmet Proclamation, Duval County School Board (PDF)

L. “High Expectations,” performance standards for Duval County schools (PDF)

M. Information Resources (HTML)