Section IX. Appendices

B. Request for Information Sent to NHTSA Regional Administrators
and Governor's Highway Safety Representatives

The following letter was sent out by the contractor working on this project to solicit information for this document:


To better understand how jurisdictions are enacting and implementing bicycle helmet laws and the effectiveness of such laws, NHTSA Traffic Safety Programs (TSP) is planning to profile several jurisdictions that have adopted bicycle helmet laws or that have attempted to do so. I am working with TSP on this task and am seeking your suggestions for jurisdictions to consider.

Since so many states and localities have adopted bicycle helmet laws, we will not be able to examine all laws. We are seeking examples that are reflective of the wide range of experiences that jurisdictions have had with bicycle helmet laws. We would like the profiles to include both state and local laws, all-ages laws as well as minors-only laws, laws with differing enforcement options, jurisdictions that have used education and/or awareness efforts as part of implementation, even jurisdictions with laws that are recognized as ineffective or that have repealed a bicycle helmet law.

We are especially interested in looking at how the laws are enforced, other program components that support the helmet laws, and the effectiveness of the law. The profiles will also consider the factors behind the introduction and passage of the law.

Thus, we are asking, based on your knowledge of the laws in your state[s], for your suggestions of jurisdictions that would be prime examples of the issues discussed above. We would also ask for your suggestions of one or more key contacts in that jurisdiction that could assist our efforts (such as the individual most knowledgeable about the law's enforcement, the individual most involved in the area's overall bicycle safety effort, and the individual who spearheaded the law's passage).

Your ideas can be e-mailed to [e-mail address] or faxed to [fax number]. To assist you, an informal response form follows. If you wish to suggest more than one jurisdiction, just send in additional versions of this form.

Jurisdiction: (State of, County of, City of, etc.)
Ages covered by law:
Notable aspects of law: (e.g., unique enforcement, education, or awareness options)
Contact information: For each key contact, please provide:
E-mail (if available)
Area of expertise
Carol Stroebel