you can also try these ideas
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  • Build a Bicycle-Safe Community. What can you do to make your neighborhood a bicycle-safe community? Plan an activity where the child can reach out to other children to spread the word about bicycle safety. Organize a bicycle parade during National Bicycle Month in May. You can find information on this event at  Bicycle to school on National Walk to School Day.  For more information see:
  • Create Maps. Teach the children to use creative writing and drawing skills to write directions and draw maps of the routes to and from school and/or friends’ houses. Children learn about points of reference and become detail-oriented.
  • Discover Civic Resources. Help children identify bicycle safety problems that may exist in their community and teach them how they can work with community leaders to solve these problems. This is a great opportunity for children to learn what resources are available for bicycle safety.
  • Create Stories. Teach the children language and creative-writing skills by having them write stories about bike riding with friends or bicycling safely.