Driver licensing agency
contact information
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 16520
Columbus, OH 43216-6520
614 752-7500
Licensing Requirements
Visual acuity

Visual fields

Color vision requirement
Type of road test
Restricted licenses
Each eye with/without correction
Both eyes with/without correction
If one eye blind—other with/without correction
Absolute visual acuity minimum

Are bioptic telescopes allowed?

Minimum field requirement

Visual field testing device
There is a requirement (not specified).
Standardized course
There are various restrictions, including daytime driving only for persons with vision in both eyes who have a visual acuity between 20/50 and 20/70; daytime driving only for persons with vision in one eye only who have a visual acuity between 20/40 and 20/60; right or left outside mirror required for persons who are blind in one eye but have 70˚ temporal and 45˚ nasal peripheral vision in the other eye. Persons with certain medical or physical conditions may be required to furnish periodic medical statements or take periodic driver’s license examinations.
20/70 in better eye with
Yes, if client has 20/70 acuity through telescope and 20/200 acuity through carrier lens.
Each eye must have 70˚ temporal reading.
Keystone Vision II
Licensing Renewal Procedures

Age-based renewal procedures
Length of license validation
Renewal options and conditions

Vision testing required at time of renewal?
Written test required?
Road test required?
4 years
In-person. Clients may renew by mail only if they are out of state.
Reporting Procedures
Physician/medical reporting

Legal protection
DMV follow-up

Other reporting

Ohio will accept and act on information submitted by a physician regarding an unsafe driver. The physician must agree to be a source of information and allow the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to divulge this information to the driver.
A letter is sent requiring the driver to submit a medical statement and/or take a driver’s license examination. The driver is given 30 days to comply.
Will accept information from courts, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, family, and friends.
Not anonymous or confidential.
Medical Advisory Board
Role of the MAB Ohio does not have a medical advisory board. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles contacts a medical consultant for assistance with difficult cases or for policy-making assistance.

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