New York

Driver licensing agency
contact information
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228
212 645-5550
(New York City metropolitan area)
800 342-5368
(area codes 516, 631, 845, 914)
800 225-5368
(all other area codes)
518 473-5595
(outside the state)
Licensing Requirements
Visual acuity

Visual fields

Color vision requirement
Restricted licenses
Each eye with/without correction
Both eyes with/without correction
If one eye blind—other with/without correction
Absolute visual acuity minimum

Are bioptic telescopes allowed?

Minimum field requirement
Visual field testing device
Restrictions include daytime driving only, limited radius from home, and annual renewal.
For applicants with visual acuity less than 20/40 but not less than 20/70, Form MV-80L can be completed and submitted for licensing consideration.
Yes. Applicants with 20/80-20/100 best corrected acuity require minimum 140˚ E horizontal visual fields plus 20/40 acuity through bioptic telescope lens.
140˚ E horizontal visual fields
Not specified
Licensing Renewal Procedures

Age-based renewal procedures
Length of license validation
Renewal options and conditions
Vision testing required at time of renewal?

Written test required?
Road test required?
8 years
In-person or mail-in.
Yes. Clients must pass a vision test at the DMV office or submit Form MV-619.
Reporting Procedures
Physician/medical reporting
Legal protection
DMV follow-up

Other reporting

Permitted but not required.
If a physician reports a condition that can affect the driving skills of a patient, the DMV may suspend the driver’s license until a physician provides certification that the condition has been treated or controlled and no longer affects driving skills. If the DMV receives a report from a source that is not a physician, the DMV considers each case individually.
Will accept information from courts, other DMVs, police, family members, and other sources. Letters must be signed.
Not anonymous. Also, if a person in a professional or official position (ie, physician) reports, the DMV will disclose the identity of the reporter; however, if the reporter does not fall under this category, the identity of the reporter is protected under the Freedom of Information Law.
Medical Advisory Board
Role of the MAB

MAB contact information
The MAB advises the commissioner on medical criteria and vision standards for the licensing of drivers.
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Medical Review Unit
Room 220
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228-0220

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