Driver licensing agency
contact information
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
877 368-5463
Licensing Requirements
Visual acuity

Visual fields
Color vision requirement
Restricted licenses
Both eyes without correction
Both eyes with correction
If one eye blind—other with/without correction
Absolute visual acuity minimum

Are bioptic telescopes allowed?
Minimum field requirement
Restrictions include daytime driving only, weather restrictions, radius limitations, and no interstate driving.
20/40 in better eye for unrestricted license; 20/50-20/70 in better eye for restricted license; 20/70-20/100 in better eye may qualify for a restricted license. If less than 20/100 in better eye, driver is referred to the medical advisory board.
Licensing Renewal Procedures

Age-based renewal procedures
Length of license validation
Renewal options and conditions

Vision testing required at time of renewal?
Written test required?

Road test required?

No renewal by mail for drivers over the age of 70.
4 years
In-person or by mail every other cycle. Can also be renewed by internet and interactive voice response, unless license has been expired 6 months or more.
If license has been expired 1 year or more.
If license has been expired 2 years or more.
Reporting Procedures
Physician/medical reporting


Legal protection
DMV follow-up
Other reporting

There is no statutory provision requiring physicians to report patients. However, if a medical report is filed, it must address the medical concern for which it was required; contain the physician’s signature, address, and phone number; and be dated within 60 days from the date received by the Department. The physician’s opinion of the applicant’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle is desired but not required.
A physician who provides such information has statutory immunity from civil or criminal liability for damages arising out of an accident.
Louisiana has statutory protection for good faith reporting of unsafe drivers.
Driver is notified in writing of referral.
Will accept information from DMV employees or agents in the performance of duties, law enforcement officers, health care providers, or family members.
Not anonymous or confidential. However, an order from a court of competent jurisdiction is required before the identity of the reporter can be released.
Medical Advisory Board
Role of the MAB Medical reports requiring further attention are forwarded to the Data Prep Unit marked Attention: Conviction/Medical Unit. The conviction/medical unit evaluates these reports and may request an evaluation by the MAB. The MAB then recommends actions.

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