Driver licensing agency
contact information
Iowa Motor Vehicle Division
Park Fair Mall, 100 Euclid Avenue
PO Box 9204
Des Moines, IA 50306-9204
800 532-1121
515 244-8725
Licensing Requirements
Visual acuity

Visual fields

Color vision requirement
Type of road test
Restricted licenses
Each eye with/without correction
Both eyes with/without correction
If one eye blind—other with/without correction
Absolute visual acuity minimum

Are bioptic telescopes allowed?
Minimum field requirement

Visual field testing device
Non-fixed course in general traffic
20/50 for daylight driving only; 20/70 in better eye for daylight driving only up to 35 mph; 20/100 requires recommendation from a vision specialist; if worse, recommendation from the MAB is required; absolute minimum is 20/200
140˚ both eyes
Outside mirrors required if 70˚ T + 45˚ N one eye, 115˚ both eyes. If less than 95˚ both eyes and 60˚ T + 35˚ N one eye, MAB recommendation required.
Keystone-Optic 100 Vision Tester
Licensing Renewal Procedures

Age-based renewal procedures
Length of license validation
Renewal options and conditions

Vision testing required at time of renewal?
Written test required?
Road test required?

Persons under the age of 18 or aged 70 and older are issued 2-year licenses.
5 years
In-person, extensions available if out of state for 6 months.
If physical or mental conditions are present.
Reporting Procedures
Physician/medical reporting

Legal protection

DMV follow-up
Other reporting
A physician may report to the motor vehicle division “the identity of a person who has been diagnosed as having a physical or mental condition which would render the person physically or mentally incompetent to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner.”
Under 321.186, “a physician or optometrist making a report shall be immune from any liability, civil or criminal, which might otherwise be incurred or imposed as a result of the report.”
Driver notified in writing of referral. License suspended upon referral.
Will accept information from courts, other DMVs, police and family members.
Not anonymous or confidential.
Medical Advisory Board
Role of the MAB

MAB contact information
The MAB reviews medical/vision reports as requested and makes recommendations regarding the individual’s capability to drive safely.
The MAB may be contacted through the Iowa Medical Society at:
Iowa Medical Society
1001 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines, IA 50265-3502
515 223-1401

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