Driver licensing agency
contact information
Florida Department of Highway Safety and
Motor Vehicles
Neil Kirkman Building
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0500
850 922-9000
Licensing Requirements
Visual acuity

Visual fields

Color vision requirement
Restricted licenses
Each/both eyes without correction

Each/both eyes with correction

If one eye blind—other with/without correction
Absolute visual acuity minimum
Are bioptic telescopes allowed?
Minimum field requirement
Visual field testing device

Drivers may be licensed to drive with the following restrictions: corrective lenses, outside rearview mirror, business and/or employment purposes only, daylight driving, automatic transmission, power steering, directional signals, grip on steering wheel, hearing aid, seat cushion, hand control or pedal extension, left foot accelerator, probation interlock device, medical alert bracelet, educational purposes, graduated license restrictions, and other restrictions.
20/40; if 20/50 or less, applicant
is referred to eye specialist for possible improvement
20/70; worse eye must be better than 20/200
130˚ horizontal
None; Goldman by eye specialist if indicated
Licensing Renewal Procedures

Age-based renewal procedures
Length of license validation

Renewal options and conditions
Vision testing required at time of renewal?
Written test required?

Road test required?

Effective January 2004, vision testing is required at each renewal for drivers over the age of 79.
4-6 years, depending on driving history
In-person every 3rd cycle
At in-person renewal
May be required based on driving history and/or observation of physical or mental impairments
May be required based on observation of physical or mental impairments
Reporting Procedures
Physician/medical reporting

Legal protection

DMV follow-up
Other reporting
Any physician, person or agency having knowledge of a licensed driver’s or applicant’s mental or physical disability to drive may report the person to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Forms are available on the DHSMV Web site, as well as at local driver license offices. The Division of Driver Licenses’ (DDL) Medical Review Section provides other forms as the situation requires.
The law provides that no report shall be used as evidence in any civil or criminal trial or in any court proceeding.
The DHSMV investigates, sanctions actions if needed, and notifies the driver in writing.
The law authorizes any person, physician, or agency to report.
Medical Advisory Board
Role of the MAB

MAB contact information
The MAB advises the DHSMV on medical criteria and vision standards and makes recommendations on mental and physical qualifications of individual drivers.
Dr. Jack MacDonald, MAB Chairperson
DHSMV/DDL/Driver Improvement Medical Section
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0570
850 488-8982
850 921-6147 fax

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