Model Driver Screening and Evaluation Program
Volume II: Maryland Pilot Older Driver Study


Figure 48. Advertisement for MVA ON WHEELS in the July 1, 1999 Issue of Leisure World News

Maryland Research Consortium 

The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is pleased to extend the services of its mobile office, MVA ON WHEELS, to the residents of Leisure World. We will be offering a broad range of transactions including Driver License and Vehicle Registration renewals, Photo ID cards, Certified Copies of your Driving Record, Disabled Tags and Placards, Change of Name and Address, Voter Registration, Organ Donor registration, Tag Return, Duplicates, and Corrections. We will accept payment in cash, money orders, Visa/MasterCard, or personal check (with two current IDs). 

At the April 1999 Community Council meeting, Dr. Raleigh spoke of his appreciation that the residents of Leisure World would be involved in the Maryland Driver Safety Research Program. These research activities now underway in Maryland will be part of your visit to MVA ON WHEELS. This driver safety research activity will help us understand how vision, physical abilities, and other skills used in driving change as we age. All of us age differently, and at one point we may place others and ourselves at risk for death or injury from motor vehicle crashes. Impaired driving from functional change is a public health issue and we must learn to accurately screen for driving skill loss as we screen for cancer and heart disease. 

Please rest assured that participation will have no effect on your individual driver license. However, your involvement will help set guidelines for the future in keeping drivers behind the wheel longer and with greater safety. No individual's results will ever be identified as this information is collected during this 15-20 minute screening. We will only use group data to statistically validate the screening procedures. In the years ahead, we may employ the results of this study to propose changes to Motor Vehicle policy. This research will become very important as we approach the year 2011, when the first “baby-boomers” will turn 65 years of age. 

The MVA ON WHEELS, in the Clubhouse II parking lot, schedule for the remainder of 1999: July 6; August 3; September 7; October 5; November 2; November 30. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. - 3p.m. For information call: 410-424-3128. The monthly schedule for the year 2000 will be available December 1999. 

We feel certain that on-site availability of these services will prove to be a major convenience to the residents of Leisure World. At the same time, your participation in the research activities of the Maryland Research consortium will be a valuable input to the development of guidelines and policies for continued safe mobility for us all.