Model Driver Screening and Evaluation Program
Volume II: Maryland Pilot Older Driver Study


Appendix B:
Materials Used to Recruit Subjects for the License Renewal Sample, the Residential Community Sample, and the Medical Referral Sample


Figure 47. 
Card Used to Recruit Subjects in the MVA Renewal Sample
Motor Vehicle Administration 

Can you help? 


You are vital! 

MVA is studying a new program that is designed to help keep you driving safely.

Your participation is completely confidential and will not affect your driving status in any way.

Please say YES when a study representative asks for your help with a few interesting exercises before you leave today. These are summarized on the back of this card. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

You can and do make a difference!

Safe Driving Abilities 
We Are Studying 

Our study representative will take you through a few simple exercises in another room in this building. These are aimed at the safe driving skills listed below.

  1. Lower Limb Strength and Flexibility 
    Driving Skills: Moving your leg to shift back and forth quickly from the gas to the brake. 
  2. Upper Body Flexibility 
    Driving Skills: The strength to turn the steering wheel quickly in an emergency, and the ability to look behind you to check for traffic. 
  3. Pattern Recognition 
    Driving Skills: Advance understanding of a sign's meaning from information about its shape only.
  4. Recall 
    Driving Skills: Remembering to use safe driving practices and following simple directions. 
  5. Visual Attention and Scanning Exercises
    Driving Skills: Searching for important features when scanning the roadway ahead.


Figure 48.
Advertisement for MVA ON WHEELS in the July 1, 1999 Issue 
of Leisure World News

Figure 48. Advertisement for MVA ON WHEELS in the July 1, 1999


Figure 49.
Monthly Advertisement in the Leisure World News

Motor Vehicle Administration Mobile Office 

On Tuesday, November 2, the MVA Mobile Van will be in Leisure World at Clubhouse II. Residents will be able to conduct all MVA business at this site from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Leisure World is also participating in a voluntary senior driver research program with the MVA. Residents are encouraged to participate in a number of tests that will identify driving skill loss and assist in keeping seniors driving safely longer.

Figure 50.

Letter Sent to Subjects in the Medical Referral Sample

Figure 50. 
Letter Sent to Subjects in the Medical Referral