Model Driver Screening and Evaluation Program
Volume I: Project Summary and Model Program Recommendations



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The authors are indebted to Dr. John Eberhard and Ms. Esther Wagner of NHTSA, who together provided the impetus to launch this project and the perseverance to complete it. Their vision and guidance are reflected in each of the products of this research.

Equally critical to bringing the concept of a Model Driver Screening and Evaluation Program to life are all those who supported and collaborated in this effort as members of the Maryland Research Consortium. Thanks go first to Dr. Robert Raleigh, Chief of the Maryland Medical Advisory Board and Consortium director, who has advanced the proposition of "safe mobility for life" immeasurably through his singular dedication and inspiration over the course of this project--and beyond. For her enduring support of Dr. Raleigh and public commitment to the goals of this project, we are also most grateful to Ms. Anne S. Ferro, Administrator of the Maryland MVA.

Next, the day-to-day activities of the Maryland Pilot Study could not have proceeded without support from and coordination by the staff of the Maryland MVA's Office of Driver Safety Research, in particular Mr. Jack Joyce, Senior Research Associate, and Ms. Jane Valencia, Research Associate. Essential technical support for the Maryland Pilot Study also was provided by Mr. Gary Golembiewski , a former colleague; and by Dr. Karlene Ball of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Dr. Dan Roenker of Western Kentucky University. Key equipment resources used in the Pilot Study were made available through a National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging Grant held by Dr. Ball.

A number of Consortium members in the social service and health care arenas made notable contributions to the planning and performance of the Pilot Study. These include Ms. Phyllis Madachy, Administrator for the Howard County, Maryland, Office on Aging, and her associates Ms. Trisha Olsen, Ms. Kenda Sovero, Ms. Barbara Miller, and Mr. Hugh Forton. Occupational Therapists who were key to the success of this project included Ms. Kim Harwood-White, Dr. Anne Long Morris, Ms. Carolyn Isackson, Ms. Janie B. Scott, and Ms. Betty Cox.

Finally, we are thankful for the efforts of the MVA personnel who collected screening data with license renewal drivers in the Glen Burnie, Bel Air, and Annapolis field offices and with residents of Leisure World in Montgomery County, Maryland: Mary Fauver, Tina Ferm, Melissa Johnson, Chuck Nellis, Theresa Rogers, Josie Simmons, Susan Simmerer, Judie Willie, Mary Gray, and Nancy West. In addition, thanks are given to the Driver License Examiners and their managers in the 11 MVA field offices where medically-referred drivers were screened in the Pilot Study. These included Ms. Pamela Minton and Mr. Ronald White (Bel Air Branch office under management of Ms. Linda Colden); Mr. Robert Foote and Mr. Jim Hudson (Cumberland Branch Office, under management of Ms. Lenna Morgan); Ms. Michelle Walls and Mr. Ronald Stafford (Easton Branch Office, under management of Mr. Don Howeth); Mr. Walter Campbell, Ms. Mildred Davenport, and Ms. Mary Joe Lofland (Elkton Branch Office, under management of Ms. Patricia McQuaide); Ms. JoAnn Fleishell, Ms. Sharon Watts, and Mr. Lewis Waugh (Frederick Branch Office, under management of Ms. Betty Thompson); Mr. Paul Duvall, Ms. Liliana Reyes, and Ms. Barbara Walker (Gaithersburg Branch Office, under management of Ms. Natalie Liewllyn); Mr. Al Wolfe and Ms. Cheryl Totten (Glen Burnie Office, under management of Ms. Donna Meadows); Lt. Terry Acre, Mr. Jerry Allen, and Mr. Steve Moyer (Hagerstown Branch Office, under management of Ms. Rebecca Snyder); Ms. Barbara Bates and Mr. Ed Novak (Largo Branch office, under management of Ms. Nancy Elkins); Ms. Robin Russell and Ms. Remonia Finney (Salisbury Branch Office, under management of Ms. Debbie Taylor); and Sgt. Lorraine Dawson, Ms. Ann Marie Haley, Cpl. Thomas Way, and Lt. Beth Wilkerson (Waldorf Branch Office, under management of Ms. Sharon Semler).

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