Alternative Transportation - It Could Work For You
Depending on
where you live,
there are often
many ways of
getting around town
without having to
use your own car.
Have you considered
the options?
Even if you just want to drive less, there may be more options available to you for getting around than just your family or friends. You may be surprised to find that any one of them is easier than driving and parking your car.
When tabulating the cost of using another kind of transportation, don't forget to factor in the money you will save in decreased or eliminated costs of owning, maintaining, insuring and parking your car. Look at the cost of the service and the level of convenience you need for each trip you take - you might end up using all of the services at different times.
What you can do
Learn what is available in your community.
Potential services include:
  • City buses, trams and subway systems
  • Taxi cabs and personalized driver services
  • Shuttle buses, such as those offered by churches, senior centers and retirement communities
Your local Area Agency on Aging can lead you to transportation services and benefits you might not be aware of.
If public transportation service is available in your area, ask a friend to help you. Going with someone who knows how to ride the bus or subway may make you feel more secure.
Ask questions about the services and schedules of each type of transportation available to you, including whether they offer evening or weekend rides.

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