Step 3: Following Through on the Plan

Older adult drivers should be deeply involved in every step of their transportation planning and implementation process. Doing so demonstrates that family members respect the older person’s opinions and needs, are genuinely concerned about the older person’s safety, and have given the issue significant thought, time, and attention. The conversation about putting the plan into action needs to be approached with sensitivity and respect for the older person. Even if the older person has been involved in developing the action plan, the conversation can easily provoke anger, defensiveness and denial. This is less likely to happen if the older driver has been involved in each step of the planning process.

Review the Plan Periodically

Over time, changes in a person’s abilities or even interests can mean that adjustments need to be made to the older person’s action plan so that he or she can get around the community safely. Therefore, it is important to review the transportation plan at least twice a year to ensure it still works for the person who has had to reduce or stop his or her driving.

Families and friends also need to remember that many communities are developing new community transportation resources and are refining existing ones. Some of these new resources may better meet the needs of the older person than those that you have listed in your current plan. The key: keep in touch with your local Area Agency on Aging to find out if new and better choices are available to the older person.