NHTSA - People Saving PeopleEmergency Medical Technician Paramedic:
National Standard Curriculum (EMT-P)

Release of 1998 Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum (EMT-P)

This is the 1998 release of the Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum. It contains the Course Guide and Instructor Lesson Plan in multiple WordPerfect files. It is designed for instructors to assist in teaching the new EMT- Paramedic course. The contents of these files are identical to the printed version which will be available soon.

This is the official US DOT National Standard Curriculum; however, your state may not have implemented or approved this program for instruction at this time. Please contact your State EMS office for approval prior to initiating instruction of this course

Word Perfect 6.x format, seven (7) ZIPped disks

NOTE: To ensure correct pagination, please use HP LaserJet III print settings..