Trauma System Agenda for the Future


What is Trauma

What is Trauma Systems

The Vision

Executive Summary


Comprehensive Trauma Care System: Fundamental Components of Trauma Care

Comprehensive Trauma Care System: Key Infrastructure Elements





The Vision

Trauma systems, when fully implemented throughout the U.S., will enhance community health through an organized system of injury prevention, acute care and rehabilitation that is fully integrated with the public health system in a community. Trauma systems will possess the distinct ability to identify risk factors and related interventions to prevent injuries in a community, and will maximize the integrated delivery of optimal resources for patients who ultimately need acute trauma care. Trauma systems will address the daily demands of trauma care and form the basis for disaster preparedness. The resources required for each component of a trauma system will be clearly identified, deployed and studied to ensure that all injured patients gain access to the appropriate level of care in a timely, coordinated and cost-effective manner.