Trauma System Agenda for the Future


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What is Trauma Systems

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Comprehensive Trauma Care System: Fundamental Components of Trauma Care

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What Is Trauma System

A trauma system is an organized, coordinated effort in a defined geographic area that delivers the full range of care to all injured patients and is integrated with the local public health system. The true value of a trauma system is derived from the seamless transition between each phase of care, integrating existing resources to achieve improved patient outcomes. Success of a trauma system is largely determined by the degree to which it is supported by public policy.

Trauma systems are regionalized, making efficient use of health care resources. Trauma systems are based on the unique requirements of the population served, such as rural, inner-city, urban, or Native American communities. Trauma systems must emphasize the prevention of injuries in the context of community health. Ultimately, nationwide development of trauma systems would allow for seamless and effective care across the United States with the ability to expand to meet the medical needs of the community from a man-made or natural disaster.